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Obolon has published a brochure about responsible beer consumption

Obolon has published an entertaining informational brochure "Drink responsibly!", aimed at providing more detailed information about beer to the public, and instilling a consumption culture.

The brochure contains information related to the technology of beer production and describes the properties of beer and its influence on the human body. The text also contains warnings on dealing with beer and gives advice on correct consumption of the drink enjoyed by millions of people all over the world. The most inquisitive readers will find interesting facts about the beer culture of other countries and will be able to master simple rules of professional beer tasting. Finally, the brochure suggests a visit the workshops of the largest Obolon brewery to learn the secrets of the art of brewing.

A distinctive feature of the brochure is its unusual form. The publication is made in the form of a popular game for youth. Consumers who open the brochure will not only be able to find useful information about beer, but also have a good time with their friends with the help of an interesting game.

Maksym Kushnir, Head of CJSC Obolon's PR Department: Obolon is the first company in Ukraine to reach out to consumers and introduce the principles of a responsible attitude to the products it manufactures. In particular, we have started to mark all beer bottles with notices about norms of consumption. Obolon is also carrying out considerable informational and educational work, for example, the brochure "Drink responsibly!" We are sure that this game is a wonderful choice for friendly gatherings, family holidays or picnics. It helps to develop agility, flexibility and a sense of equilibrium, and the main thing - to have fun!"

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Ancient Celtic and Germanic tribes considered beer a holy beverage: a source of strength and courage for their warriors